Investment and M&A Advisory Service on the Polish Market

Among the Eastern European countries which acceded the EU, Poland used to be for a number of years the by far most interesting destination for medium-sized companies from all over Europe – either to sell their own products on this market or to produce own products. To fulfil both objectives, subsidiaries will be necessary in general which can be either founded or taken over by means of acquisition of shares and/or shares in an existing company (share deal).

There is still the option to participate in privatization proceedings of the public sector – either in the privatization of state enterprises by the Ministry of the Treasury or by the transfer of local public enterprises into private hands. The latter primarily affects public utilities of various kinds, including especially government hospitals.

This is exactly the point where our M&A (mergers and acquisitions) consulting comes into action. We are available for corporate transactions by a share deal as well as for the acquisition of assets in their entirety by an asset deal. Generally, we represent the interests of buyers, i. e. the entrepreneur from an English speaking area, who wants to acquire an interesting company in Poland.

Corporate acquisition and any related M&A consulting is a matter of trust!

We will support you during the entire transaction process starting from identifying suitable target companies, via the implementation of due diligence up to participating in the negotiations with the seller and the preparation and verification of the corresponding purchase contract.

Our attorneys and lawyers have extensive experience and expertise to provide the following consulting services:

In advance of an intended acquisition

  • first strategy meeting

  • procedures for cooperation with our law firm and signing the contract with our law firm
  • industry analysis and identification of suitable target companies,
  • obtaining initial information about the selected target companies from publicly available sources,
  • second strategy meeting.

During the acquisition phase

  • contact with the management of the selected target companies,
  • signing of confidentiality agreements with the management of the selected target company,
  • obtaining information about the target company (memorandum of information) and verification of the information contained therein,
  • preparation and participation in the first round of negotiations,
  • determination of legal and tax due diligence to be drafted and document verification,
  • implementation of due diligence and preparation of the DD report in English,
  • preparation and implementation of the second round of negotiations on details of the pending transaction,
  • draft the text for the final contract of sale based on the negotiations results,
  • signing the purchase contract.

Following the acquisition

  • Legal advice after the acquisition restructuring and integration process due to start after the process.


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