Advisory Service on Polish Law of Inheritance

Each man will come into contact with the law of inheritance at least once in his life. Either as an heir or as a future testator who wants to manage his financial circumstances regarding the hereditary succession in his own lifetime. This can be useful for tax reasons, or if disputes should be prevented among the future heirs. It will get complicated, when the succession is connected to different jurisdictions. This may be the case, when for instance a German, a British or Polish citizen will pass away and leave behind estate objects in Germany, in the United Kingdom and in Poland.

Our attorneys and lawyers can advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • search related to property located in Poland and examination of the current content of the land register,
  • counsel and representation in inheritance certificate procedures (both representing sole heirs and communities of heirs),
  • enforcement and defence of compulsory portion claims,
  • drafting and interpretation of wills,
  • representation of a co-heir against the community of heirs,
  • consultation regarding the disclaimer of the inheritance,
  • counsel in connection with the lifetime transfer of property items,
  • consultation in connection with the EU inheritance regulation effective from 2015.


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