Advisory Service on Polish Labour Law

Poland with its inhabitants of around 38 million is the largest and most interesting market for English speaking companies among the Eastern European member states acceded in the recent years.

There is more: Poland has very well trained, highly motivated staff and a stable legal system. The labour cost in Poland is lower compared to many other European countries.

The position between Germany and the EU on one hand and Russia and Ukraine on the other hand offers companies the opportunity for investment in Poland as well as the chance to enter new and exciting markets in Eastern Europe. It comes to no surprise that more and more English speaking entrepreneurs want to conquer the Polish market with products and services “Made in Germany” or “Made in Britain” or even “Made in France”.

Our long-standing experience in Labour law cases in Poland allows us to advise you in the following areas of labour and social security law at the highest professional level.

Building and extent of your team

  • consultation on the secondments of employees to Polish subsidiaries,
  • consultation on selection of the appropriate contract type (employment contract or civil law contract, agency agreement),
  • employment of office and technical staff (preparation of employment contracts and labour law documentation, company car and competition agreements),
  • creation of employment and remuneration systems according to the Polish Labour Code requirements,
  • introduction of performance-based compensation systems,
  • implementation of a due diligence related to working time regulations,
  • consultation on flexible working time models
  • advice on the application of flexible forms of employment (e. g. part-time, temporary employment, commercial supply of temporary staff – temporary employment),
  • opportunities for employee monitoring,
  • employee liability,
  • advice on special legal issues regarding working time and labour code in the field of medical personnel or staff employed at forwarding and trucking companies and teachers in education,

Restructuring of your team

  • advice on the dissolution and amendment of content concerning employment contracts (dismissal with the option of altered conditions, regular and exceptional termination),
  • personnel restructuring upon mass redundancies,
  • advise on corporate transactions (e. g. due diligence regarding labour code, support in negotiations between the social partners at company level, drafting and negotiation of social plans, information duties upon the transfer of an undertaking),
  • advice on outsourcing projects,

To managers and directors of Polish corporations

  • preparation of appropriate contract models for members of the board of directors in limited liability companies and joint stock companies under Polish law,
  • advice to liability risks for directors in Polish corporations,
  • advice and legal representation in compensation claims of the Polish Social Insurance Institute ZUS or of the Polish tax authorities,

At inspections of the State Labour Inspectorate

  • preparing an announced inspection,
  • advice during the inspection,
  • submission of appeals against decisions of the State Labour Inspectorate.

We will be of assistance to tailor your individual solution to these problems both in general labour law and in labour law litigation. In our consultation we will be guided by the current jurisdiction of the labour courts – including without limitation of the Supreme Court – as well as by the practice of the Polish State Labour Inspectorate.


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